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"I think the website is great and the games are fun and I like playing them. Dr. Foley is very nice and he's a good orthodontist."

– Alexandra M.

"Great office and lovely staff. Very welcoming and bright happy place to be."

– Kathryn C.

"Everyone here is very nice and inviting. Dr. Foley is very kind and funny."

– Haley S.

"Dr. Foley is very friendly and focused on kids. His staff explain things well."

– David D.

"I highly recommend Dr. Foley's office, their staff are extremely nice and the office is a lovely place to be."

– Colette B.

"Dr.Foley and his staff are amazing!!They always know what's right for you, and always get things done quickly!!"

– Noura H.

"i love how Dr.Foley and his staff are so nice and friendly so i can feel comfortable. i also love how they give out the best snacks in their office. and at the most obvious point of view Dr. Foley is the best orthodontist of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

– Emma W.

"Dr. Foley and his staff were very nice to meet for our consultation appointment. They were warm and patient towards me and my daughter (their patient) and took lots of time to answer our questions and make my daughter feel comfortable with everything that was going on. My daughter has some apprehension about going to the "tooth doctors" of any sort after an unpleasant experience, but she feels comfortable with Dr. Foley and his staff and is excited about going to see them at her next appointment."

– Sydney L.

"Dr.Foley and his staff are very friendly and kind. They always make you smile, and are helping you make your smile even better! The first time I arrived at the orthodontist, I was scared and didn't know what they were going do to me, but Dr.Foley and his staff made me worry less and made me feel comfortable."

– Michelle C.

"Usually when you go to the orthodontist you are nervous because you don't know what the people that work there will be like to you or for another reason you could be scared of something else when you go there. But when I went there dr. Foley made me comfortable, the people that worked there were nice, and made me smile. So if you need braces I suggest you go to dr. Foley. He will fix your teeth :)"

– Natalie R.

"Dr.Foley is an amazing orthodontist and his staff are all super nice . I would recommend you go there if ya need an orthodontist."

– Bella B.

"Dr Foley made my feel at ease. I'm usually nervous at the dentist but Dr Foley made me comfortable."

– Simon S.

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