iTero® Digital Impression SystemThe simple answer to this question is, “Yes,” you can forgo a full mouth of braces and only get brackets and wires on your bottom teeth. This option is a good fit for patients whose upper teeth are straight enough that they’re satisfied with the way they look – and whose upper teeth don’t need to be straightened to address any oral health issues.

While most people prioritize their top teeth because they’re the most visible when you smile, your bottom teeth can contribute significantly to the way your mouth looks when you talk, laugh, sing etc. While many people think others only pay attention to their upper teeth, your bottom row of pearly whites is actually highly visible throughout many parts of your daily life. More importantly, if your bottom teeth are crooked, they may actually compromise your oral health.

What is the Top Reason for Getting Braces Only on Your Bottom Teeth?

Braces go far beyond improving the aesthetics of your smile. One of the biggest reasons patients are prescribed braces is they are necessary to address issues with a person’s bite. What we mean by the term bite is how well your upper and lower teeth align and interact with one another. If the alignment is off, this may cause a person to grind their teeth, it may contribute to excessive tension in their jaw, and it can even make regular activities like chewing food more difficult.

If your top and bottom rows of teeth don’t rest on each other correctly, then only correcting your bottom teeth may worsen this problem even further – rather than helping to fix it. So, your orthodontist may advise against you only getting braces on your bottom teeth, even if you are happy with the way your top teeth look. However, you can definitely have a conversation about your preference and explore other options for realignment to see if getting braces on your bottom teeth alone may be the right option for you.

Get the Orthodontic Care You Need – From Top to Bottom

At Wonder West Orthodontics, we’re not going to recommend a full set of top and bottom braces unless you need them, and we’re confident we can get you the very best results for your smile, bite, and overall oral health. We will work with you to create a personalized plan and investigate all your options for achieving a beautiful and healthy smile.

Contact Wonder West Orthodontics today and speak to orthodontic professionals who will be honest with you and ensure you’re getting the best possible care to achieve the look and oral health that will keep you smiling.