Cold and Flu tips for people with bracesWe can all feel it in the air; the chill of winter that brings with it the dreaded cold and flu season. If this is your first year with braces, you may be wondering how your newest additions will affect you if you find yourself with a case of the sniffles or sore throat. Below, we’ve outlined a few helpful tips on how you can keep your teeth healthy – even if you’re feeling under the weather.

Keep Hydrated to Avoid Dry Mouth

Drinking lots of fluids is always a good idea when you’re not feeling well. It can help your body cope with an elevated fever and ease that tickle in your throat or aggravating cough. But, did you know that ensuring you stay hydrated while you’re sick is also really important for your mouth health?

When you have a stuffy nose, you compensate by breathing through your mouth. What this does is it decreases the amount of saliva you produce when you sleep and exposes you to harmful bacteria that can cling to your teeth. So, make sure you’re getting more than your eight glasses of water each day while you’re unwell to ensure your mouth remains a healthy environment for your pearly whites and your braces.

Keep Your Teeth Clean with Sugar-Free Cough Drops

When you have an incessant cough, you may want to reach for cough drops to get you through the day. There’s nothing wrong with using these suppressants and throat soothers when you have braces, but you need to be aware that many products are full of sugary ingredients.

Can You Have Cough Drops With Braces?

If you’re sucking on cough drops throughout the duration of your cold, make sure you’re reaching for a sugar-free kind. The same goes for cough syrup! While you may not be able to find a sugarless version, be sure to rinse your mouth after using either of these cough suppressants so you’re not falling asleep with sugar clinging to your teeth or your braces.

Keep With Your Oral Hygiene Routine

You’re tired (and maybe even a little cranky) dealing with your cold – and we don’t blame you. But, no matter how much you don’t want to get out from under your covers, you still need to maintain your dental hygiene routine. Keep up with your brushing or flossing to ensure your mouth stays healthy and your smile stays beautiful.

Stay Healthy and Have a Wonderful Winter

Remember to take your vitamins and get lots of rest to avoid getting run down and exposing yourself to a cold or flu. We hope you’ll have a very healthy winter, but even if you get caught up in the office cold, don’t forget about your teeth because they deserve TLC too!

If you have any questions about how to battle a cold or flu when you have braces, contact Wonder West Orthodontics and speak to one of our orthodontic specialists today.