Orthodontic EmergenciesIf you’ve just started wearing orthodontics, you probably know that it’s taking a while to get used to them. That is normal, but it can sometimes seem like every bit of pain and discomfort seems like an emergency. You might be tempted to just “tough it out” while experiencing some discomfort, but there may come a time when you should contact your orthodontist if a real orthodontic emergency occurs. Here are some of the more common orthodontic emergencies that you may experience while wearing braces.

Loose Brackets and Wires

Brackets and wires in your braces may come loose if you chew hard or sticky foods. If a loose band or bracket is still attached to a wire, leave it as is until you can have it repaired. If it is too uncomfortable, you can cover the bracket with some orthodontic wax until you can make it to your orthodontist’s office.

A Poking Archwire

When your teeth begin shifting, the archwire that connects them may begin to poke the back of your mouth or irritate your cheeks. You might be able to adjust this yourself or clip the end of it, but not before contacting your orthodontist to make sure it is safe to do so. the ends of the wire with some orthodontic wax to relieve any discomfort. You can also cover the ends of the wire with some orthodontic wax to relieve any discomfort.

Loose Teeth

Your teeth will loosen on their own as you wear braces. This is a sign that your braces are working. However, they shouldn’t be too loose or too painful. If you have a tooth that feels like it’s loose enough to fall out, make an appointment with your orthodontist’s office to discuss what is happening and what can be done to prevent anything more serious from happening.

More Severe Emergencies

The issues above are all relatively minor issues that most people will encounter at some point, but there are some more serious emergencies that will always call for an emergency appointment. If you suffer an injury to your mouth or you feel pain that is too severe to endure, make an emergency appointment as soon as possible. The same goes for any swelling or other signs of infection. These issues aren’t normal and need to be addressed immediately.

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