Millions of people take trips each year and experience new and exciting places. You can still take a trip when you wear braces, but you cannot take a vacation from diligent use and care of your orthodontics. It is important to follow of the directions given by your orthodontist at all times. You can plan ahead so that you have all of the tools and equipment you will need while enjoying the sights.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

You need to brush your teeth after each meal, just like you would at home. If you are on the road, a travel toothbrush may be a helpful item to have handy as well

Dental Floss or Interdental Cleaners

These items will help you keep food out of your teeth and braces. While they may seem annoying, it is important to keep up good hygiene, even while on vacation, so you will not form cavities.

Rubber Bands

Always keep these handy as they can snap at any time. It might be useful to keep a bag with you and an extra bag packed in a suitcase, just in case.

Dental Wax

Wax can be soothing if a wire starts poking your mouth or when other problems may arise.

Removable appliances and Cases

If you wear any orthodontic appliances that can be removed, it is important to bring them with you. Taking a break from these can cause teeth to move to improper positions, disturbing or delaying treatment plans.

Water Bottle

When you absolutely cannot get to a place to brush your teeth, rinsing your mouth by drinking water can be a temporary solution.


If possible, bring along a small mirror. It is sometimes helpful for times when you are trying to place rubber bands or get the food out from between your braces.

While on vacation, it is important that you continue taking care of your braces and your teeth as you do at home. You may even want to be especially diligent about the foods you eat. Sticky and hard foods can damage wires and break brackets. You definitely don’t want this to happen while you are traveling because you will not be able to get it fixed promptly. Remember to follow all directions given by your orthodontist. Your smile will be worth it when your treatment is complete.