Halloween candy to avoid

If you’ve recently had braces put on, you’re probably starting to get used to certain foods you should avoid or may have to eat differently now that you are wearing braces. The Foley Orthodontics team in London, Ontario discuss the candy you can eat with braces, and the candy you should avoid this Halloween.

Some sticky treats and sweets can cause damage to your braces. Don’t worry, you won’t have to give up all your trick-or-treating treats, but here are a few you should avoid:

Don’t Eat These Candies If You Have Braces

Sticky Candy, Caramel & Taffy

These types of treats are the worst thing to eat when you are wearing braces. When biting into sticky toffee or a hard piece of candy, you are putting additional force onto the bracket with may lead to a broken bracket, a bent bracket or damage to your teeth.

Candy Apples

Much like the above example of sticky candies, candy apples should be avoided when wearing braces. Biting into a regular apple can cause damage, it is recommended that you cut up apples into smaller pieces. The sticky outer coating of candy apples makes things worse, and they should be avoided altogether.

Anything Gummy

Soft gummy candies might seem like a safe Halloween candy option if you have braces, unfortunately it is not. Small pieces of candy can get stuck between your wires, causing them to pop out unexpectedly.


Popcorn can be a nuisance for non-braces wearers, little pieces can come apart and get lodged in between your teeth. If you have braces, it’s best to avoid popcorn altogether; in addition to getting stuck between your teeth, they can get stuck between your brackets as well.

Nuts & Peanut Brittle

Many popular chocolate bars, unfortunately, contain nuts and crunchy pieces, these types of chocolate bars should be avoided if you have braces. Peanut brittle, although a popular fall treat, can cause severe damage to your braces and teeth and should not be consumed by those wearing braces.

Candy You Can Eat with Braces

Plain Chocolate

Opt for plain, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate that doesn’t contain peanuts, crunchy coatings or sticky caramel. Chocolate drops and milk chocolate bars are great examples.

Peanut Butter Cups

These popular Halloween treats are another example of a soft chocolate treat you can enjoy.

Cookies and Crackers

These two are okay to eat if you have braces, but you should be careful about it. Some cookies and crackers can be too hard to bite into, try breaking them into smaller, bite-size pieces or dunking them into milk to soften.

For more information about the foods you should avoid and how to properly care for your braces, contact Wonder West Orthodontics in London, Ontario.