my teeth don't line upEveryone’s smile looks slightly different, some natural imperfections may just be a unique attribute, other imperfections may cause discomfort or self-consciousness. At Foley Orthodontics, we want you to have the most beautiful, functional smile that you can.  Here are some signs to look for when deciding if you or your child should see an orthodontist:

1. Crowded Teeth

This problem is just what it sounds like: there simply isn’t enough room in the mouth for your teeth! Without sufficient space, teeth become crooked. This not only looks less appealing than straight teeth, but flossing and even brushing can become a difficult task. Crowded teeth are prone to tooth decay and gum disease because it is hard to clean them properly. Braces can straighten them out so they look and feel their best.

2. Incorrect Jaw Position

Does your jaw crack, click, or shift? Does it look out of place or proportion to the rest of the face? Braces and other orthodontic devices can help put the jaw in its proper place. This can help with chewing, speaking, and pain reduction.

3. Tooth Gaps

On the opposite end of the spectrum from crowding, many people have irregular tooth gaps. Not only do gaps make many people self-conscious, they can also lead to gum disease because food has more direct access to the gum’s surface. Braces help fix tooth spacing by reducing the size of gaps, ensuring a beautiful and healthy smile.

4. Irregular Bite

There is a wide variety of bite problems you or your child may face. An overbite, where top front teeth overlap and stick out past bottom front teeth, can increase your risk of trauma to the top teeth. An underbite, where top front teeth are behind top bottom teeth, makes chewing difficult and prematurely ages the face. A crossbite, where the top tooth is behind its opposing bottom tooth, can cause wear and damage to both teeth and gums. Finally, an openbite, where front teeth don’t touch, often leads to speech and biting problems. Braces can align teeth to fix most irregular bites.

Whether you know you have one of these problems or you are completely unsure. Contact Foley Orthodontics in London, Ontario and book a consultation. No referral is required. Dr. Foley and his staff are friendly and professional and are ready to help you achieve the smile you want.