The problem of diastema, or a gap between your teeth, can seem like a purely cosmetic issue. It is true that a gap between your teeth can affect your appearance, and this can play a role in your self-confidence as well as in how others view you. More than that, this orthodontics issue can also make it more difficult to speak clearly, to eat and more. Even swallowing issues and periodontal disease can develop if this issue is not properly treated. Dr. Foley is a reputable London Ontario orthodontist that offers exceptional treatment for this common condition.

Causes of Diastema

There are several causes of diastema, and the treatment that is recommended by Dr. Foley will be determined by the cause of your unique issue. For example, having jaw bones with different sizes, missing teeth, teeth that are unusually sized are common causes of a gab between the teeth. Braces are the most common treatment that your orthodontist may recommend, and this is because braces can be used to successfully move teeth closer together and eliminate the gap. If the orthodontist determines that braces are the right treatment for you, you may need to wear them for one to two years or longer. Regular orthodontic appointments may be needed during this time.

If the team determines that periodontal disease is present, you may require more specialized orthodontics treatment to address the issue and to prevent more serious issues from developing. Remember that this issue can result in tooth loss and the deterioration of your jaw bone in some cases.

For some younger children who have gaps between their teeth, the issue may resolve itself on its own as the child’s adult teeth come in. This is because adult teeth may be larger than baby teeth. Your child may need to be seen by the orthodontic team numerous times in the earlier years of his or her life as the adult teeth or coming in. With regular observation, the team can determine if your child will benefit from early treatment for this issue.

Treatment for Diastema

As you can see, diastema is a potentially serious issue that should not go untreated. It is easy to determine if you have a space between your teeth by looking at your mouth. If you notice a gap between one or more of your teeth, it is important to seek a professional diagnosis from an orthodontist and to learn about treatment options that may be right for you. A consultation with Dr. Foley and his orthodontics team is a great first step to take. Book a consultation today by calling 519 672 2699.