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After an orthodontist places braces on your teeth, you might experience pain in your gums, teeth or facial bones, and most orthodontic patients have their braces adjusted every four to six weeks! However, there are ways for you to reduce your pain after each visit to your orthodontist. Experts recommend using these methods to manage your pain while undergoing treatment to straighten your teeth.

1. Use Your Rubber Bands

If you are wearing traditional braces on your teeth, then you will have rubber bands to use on the devices. Make sure that these are in good condition – it will alleviate your discomfort after an adjustment.

2. Rinse Your Mouth Frequently

A soothing mouth rinse with salty water or other liquids can help to reduce the pain and inflammation of your soft oral tissues. To avoid damaging your braces, make sure to use the mouthwashes that are approved by your orthodontist.

3. Apply Dental Wax to Your Mouth

You can find containers of dental wax at local drugstores to apply to your mouth and teeth while wearing braces. An application of wax on your lips, teeth or soft oral cavity tissues provides a protective barrier to help prevent pain from braces.

4. Take Pain Relievers to Reduce Your Pain

Take pain relievers such as aspirin or acetaminophen to feel better after an appointment at your orthodontist’s office. One of the best times to take painkillers is in the evening so that you can have a restful night’s sleep.

5. Numb Your Pain with a Topical Anesthetic

Keep a container of topical anesthetic in your pocket to use when your teeth or mouth hurts while wearing braces. You can find topical anesthetics over-the-counter at the pharmacy.

6. Choose Soft Foods

After your braces are adjusted, plan to eat soft foods that are easier to chew. You might want to consume a liquid diet such as fruit smoothies, soups or milkshakes for a few days.

7. Use Ice Packs and Drink Cold Beverages

Keep ice packs in your freezer to apply to your face near your jawbone to relieve the discomfort from the tighter wires of your braces. You can also drink cold beverages to help reduce your pain.

Soreness is normal after an orthodontic adjustment. If the pain is severe or not improving after a day or two, make sure you return to your orthodontist for an assessment.

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