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Braces are a type of orthodontics treatment that is most commonly associated with teens. However, young children and adults can also get braces. This type of treatment can improve your appearance by giving you the beautifully straight teeth you may have been dreaming about for years. The alignment of your teeth can also affect your speech, how you eat, your level of self-confidence and more.

Orthodontic Treatment Options for Adults

As an adult, you may be wondering what options are available to help you correct the positioning of your teeth, and braces are a common solution. With recent advances in orthodontic medicine, there are numerous options for adults who need braces. However, there are several types of braces that may be right for older adults.

Traditional Metal Braces

The basic option is traditional metal braces. These are best for individuals who have severely crooked teeth or a significant bite problem, or require other major orthodontic changes. Metal braces are typically the least expensive option. The greatest drawback to wearing metal braces as an adult is aesthetics. Many people find them unattractive and distracting. While traditional metal braces are one option to consider, the Wonder West Orthodontics team in London Ontario can help you discover more alternative treatment options.

Clear Aligner Treatments

Another popular option for adults who need braces is a clear aligner treatment, such as Invisalign®. This system works in a different way from traditional braces by applying a series of clear, retainer-like aligners. The series is custom made for your teeth, which makes this option more expensive than either metal or ceramic braces. In general, the Invisalign process takes anywhere from three to 18 months to complete. You should be aware that Invisalign is not as effective as traditional braces in treating bite problems, teeth that are lower or higher than others, or severely overcrowded teeth.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Another approach is to use clear plastic or  ceramic brackets instead of metal brackets. This makes your braces less visible. These brackets tend to break more easily than metal brackets, but many adults prefer them.  

If you are a professional who is worried about your personal appearance, clear ceramic braces may be a better choice. Clear braces are capable of handling very crooked teeth or bite issues, but they cost more than metal braces. You also have to be careful about smoking or drinking red wine, soda, and other dark beverages while wearing clear braces. These items may stain the adhesive that binds the brackets to your teeth. You can also talk to your orthodontist about braces that are worn on the back side of your teeth. Metal brackets and wiring is run behind your teeth where they will not be seen.

Learn More About Your Options with Wonder West Orthodontics

As you can see, there are several great options to consider when you need or want to get braces as an adult. Braces do not have to be visibly obvious to others with some of the creative treatment options available. However, some treatments may not be ideal for all situations. Based on your unique treatment needs, your orthodontist can tell you which of these methods can be considered for you.

Living with crooked or misaligned teeth can be frustrating, and braces are an excellent solution to consider. Schedule an initial consultation at Wonder West Orthodontics in London Ontario to learn more about your treatment options. This initial step can get you on your way to achieving the beautiful smile you are dreaming about.