orthodontic elastics
With the arrival of spring, everything outside is starting to bloom and blossom again. Why not freshen up your smile, too, with fresh elastic colors for your braces? Let your grin reflect the lovely spring weather outside, and your new smile will warm up any blustery day.

The Easter Egg

Consider pastel rainbow colors for a classic Easter egg look. You can pick soft versions of lavender, robin’s egg blue, light green, soft yellow, and baby pink to show off your spring spirit. The Easter Bunny will approve and feel right at home when he sees your grin.

Pink and Purple

Just like tulips and crocuses, pink and purple are always on the spring color palette. You can imitate the art that you find in nature by opting for pink and purple orthodontic elastic bands this spring. The pastel hues of these colors show off a softer side of the season, or you can pick bright purple and neon pink to really show off your spring smile.

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and blue are bright elastic colors that can reflect the spring sunshine and bright blue sky. If you pick pastel yellow and baby blue, it can mimic spring things like baby chicks and robins’ eggs. If you choose bright, vivid blue and canary yellow, you can even hint at summertime, which is just around the corner.

White and Yellow

Like daffodils and little duckies playing in the rain on a cloudy day, white and yellow are quintessential spring colors. Yellow is commonly used as a color to lift your spirits and communicate joy, so you can share your enjoyment of spring with this sweet color combination.

Sea Green, Baby Pink, and Lavender

This color combination will beautifully complement spring wardrobe selections. Most designers bring out their lovely, soft colors in the springtime so that the fashion world reflects nature’s new flower buds. The additional of sea green elastic bands reflects new grass and baby leaves to round out the springtime look.

Whichever color palette appeals to you most this spring, Dr. Foley and his dedicated team are always a classic pick for your orthodontist. They offer you excellent, innovative orthodontics in London Ontario that never go out of style. Give them a call and see how they can help you achieve the smile that you’ve always dreamed of, complete with a spring-colored makeover.