Keeping your teeth clean while wearing braces can be time-consuming and burdensome. The brackets and wires in your braces tend to trap food close to your teeth. Furthermore, they make it difficult for your toothbrush to remove all the plaque and tartar that may develop on your teeth over the course of a day. You may be wondering what the best toothbrush types are when you are getting treatment from Dr. Foley, your London Ontario orthodontist. There are a few options to consider.

A Soft Brush With a V-Design

The good news is that if you want to keep your teeth and orthodontics appliances clean on a dime, a standard, soft-bristle toothbrush that has a V-design in the bristles is a great idea. The V-design allows space for the bristles to move around the brackets while you brush. Avoid applying excessive pressure. Instead, angle the brush upward and downward to more easily get between the wires and brackets.

An Electric Toothbrush

If you have a larger budget when shopping for a new toothbrush, an electric toothbrush or sonic model can be highly advantageous. These are motorized toothbrushes that can deliver powerful results. Because the head rotates around at a fast pace, the friction can remove more plaque and tartar than with standard brushing. Again, avoid using too much pressure on your teeth and braces while brushing. Instead, allow the fast action of the brush to do the cleaning work for you.

Specialized Cleaning Tools

In many cases, it is best to combine your preferred style of toothbrush with other specialized cleaning tools to keep your teeth and orthodontics as clean as possible. For example, there are spiral-tipped wire brushes as well as rubberized gum massagers that you can purchase at local pharmacies. These are great options to use in conjunction with your toothbrushes because they may remove food and plaque in areas that your toothbrush cannot reach.

The last thing you want is to develop cavities or to have your teeth stained while wearing braces. Dr. Foley can help you to learn how to properly clean your teeth for a healthy, beautiful smile.