Dr. Meena Wilde of Wonder West Orthodontics in London, ONThe team at Wonder West Orthodontics are pleased to welcome the newest member of our team, Dr. Meena Wilde.

Dr. Wilde is a certified orthodontist and brings an extensive background in dentistry to the team. She received her Bachelor and Master of Science from the University of Ottawa and completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Toronto. She proceeded to practice general dentistry in London for two years before completing her training in orthodontic specialty from Western University. After completing her orthodontic specialty training, Dr. Wilde received her Masters of Clinical Dentistry.

Dr. Meena Wilde met Dr. Foley during her time at Western University and they discovered that they share a similar philosophy in terms of patient care and treatment. Dr. Wilde was invited to join Dr. Foley’s practice and is currently completing additional studies. She is currently enrolled in a two-year post-graduate program in orthodontics, also completed by Dr. Foley, as well as advanced courses in Invisalign.

Dr. Wilde is heavily involved with the faculty of Dentistry at Western University and is an adjunct clinical professor.  Through her continued clinical and scientific research and personal interest, she continues to expand on her knowledge in orthodontics whenever possible and is always up to date on the most recent literature.

In addition to continued research in orthodontics, Dr. Wilde provided support to underserved populations in Nicaragua and believes in the importance of social responsibility. She considers it an integral part of her profession and hopes to continue building her contributions.

Her research on the topic of orthodontics as well as her community involvement has been widely recognized, and she has been awarded the Dr. David C. Way Memorial Award, recognizing her efforts in community service and continued research.

Due to her extensive experience and research, Dr. Wilde practices using the highest quality of orthodontics and provides the most up-to-date and evidence-based orthodontic treatments to her patients. She is an expert in her field and we are honored to have her join the team at Wonder West Orthodontics.