Orthodontic care extends well beyond the appearance of your teeth, so it’s common that patients require a treatment plan to help them get an ideal bite. Below, we explore what an ideal bite should look like and why it’s important to get the proper orthodontic treatments to achieve it.

Understanding Your Bite

Some of the patients who come to visit Wonder West Orthodontics may not understand why they’ve been referred to our office because they like the way their teeth look. However, their dentists have informed them that their bite just isn’t quite right, and they need specialized care to fix it.

What Does a Correct Bite Look Like?

Ideally, your bite should align seamlessly. All the teeth should be touching in an even alignment, without any overlapping or gaps between them. Some more indications of a perfect bite include:

  • Smile – When you smile, your upper front row of teeth should follow the curvature of the lower lip.
  • Closed – When your bite is closed, about one-half to two-thirds of your bottom teeth should show.
  • Arches – The upper arch should be slightly wider than the lower arch, and the upper teeth should sit on the outside of the lower teeth.
  • Midlines – The upper and lower midlines between your central incisors should line up with each other and with the center of your lips.
  • Sides – From the side, the upper front teeth should rest in front of your lower teeth.

What It Means if You’re Bite Is Off

If you have an improper bite, you may have any of the following conditions (or several others):

  • A deep bite occurs when your top teeth cover too much of the lower teeth.
  • An open bite refers to your upper teeth not overlapping the bottom teeth enough.
  • Issues affecting the arch of your mouth may cause a crossbite and even contort the look of your face .
  • If your upper teeth bite directly on or behind your lower incisors, you have an underbite.
  • If your upper teeth extend too far forward in front of your lower incisors, you have a large overjet.

If your bite is off, you may experience issues with jaw pain, chewing, breathing, or speaking.

Achieve Your Ideal Bite with Orthodontic Treatment

To achieve an ideal bite, you or your child may require a treatment plan that includes hardware such as braces, retainers, or other orthodontic appliances of support to guide your teeth into proper alignment.

When the orthodontists at Wonder West Orthodontics conducts your initial consultation, we will be able to determine which issues are affecting the alignment of your bite, as well as the best steps forward to fix them. We will help you achieve your best-possible bite and beautiful smile, so your top and bottom teeth meet properly and you’re able to talk, smile and eat comfortably – and with confidence.

Contact our team of family-oriented orthodontic professionals today and begin your journey towards a healthier bite that will positively affect your life and your confidence in ways you may not yet realize.