Dependent on your orthodontic wants and needs, you may wish to explore the differences between traditional and ceramic braces to determine which one will suit you best. Ceramic braces are a much less visible alternative than traditional metal braces, but it’s important to consider some of the nuances between the two.

Who Can Wear Ceramic Braces?

Typically, orthodontists do not recommend ceramic braces for more complex orthodontic needs. This is because ceramic brackets can’t withstand quite as much pressure as their metal counterparts, so if you need more extensive treatment, you will likely want to stick with the latter.

However, ceramic braces are more durable than they used to be. So, don’t count them out before you have the chance to chat with your orthodontist about whether or not they may work for you.

What Makes Ceramic Braces Great?

  • They tend to irritate patients’ gums less
  • They blend in: you can choose between semi-translucent or tooth-coloured ceramic, whichever best matches your enamel, to reduce the visibility of the brackets as much as possible
  • High-quality ceramic braces are strong, so unless they are put through excessive harm, they likely won’t chip or break

Are There Any Drawbacks to Ceramic Braces?

The most important thing to consider about ceramic braces was briefly explored above: they’re not for everyone. Sometimes, a patients’ orthodontic needs extend beyond the functionality and durability of ceramic braces.

Additionally, they share their use of ligatures, to hold the archwires in place, with their metallic friends. Some patients don’t exactly love the little rubber bands they depend on for a beautiful smile. However, to keep these bands looking great, they are changed at every adjustment.

Whichever Orthodontic Route You Choose, We’re Here to Help!

Before you worry too much about which orthodontic solution is going to get you the smile you’ve been dreaming about, as efficiently as possible, talk to one of our orthodontists about how each option may benefit you.

Once you’ve worked with our knowledgeable team to determine which direction to go, we will take care of you – and your teeth – every step of the way. So, no matter whether you choose metal or ceramic braces, at the end of your journey, you’ll have a beautiful smile.