Getting braces is a big commitment, so it’s natural to feel a little nervous and to be wondering what you can expect at your first orthodontist appointment. We’re here to assure you, there’s nothing to worry about! Your first visit to Wonder West Orthodontics quite simply presents the opportunity for you to get to know us and better understand our process for helping you achieve the perfect smile.

Your First Visit Helps Us Get to Know You – And Your Teeth

During your first exam, we need to establish exactly what your orthodontic needs are and how we can best support you to attain the results you’re after. This means, during your first visit, our team will perform a full oral exam, which may include X-rays, photographs and 3D scans of your teeth. These tests help us determine if treatment is necessary and, if it is, what treatment plan will best suit you and your dream smile.

We Record Your Results and Build a Treatment Plan to Address Them

Once we’ve built your patient profile and fully understand what we need to build your best smile, we will begin creating a plan specifically tailored to you. This is a free consultation that sets us up for success as we move further along your orthodontic journey.

If anything shows up in your tests that requires further discussion or attention, we will resolve these issues to the best of our ability before proceeding with your orthodontic care.

Don’t Hesitate to Bring All Your Questions and Concerns Up at This Appointment

After we’ve walked you through our proposed treatment plan, it will be important for you and your family members to take the time to think about what this commitment to a better smile will mean for you. Your initial orthodontic visit is the time to discuss budget, benefits and different options for types of braces, so please come prepared with anything you could possibly want to know – we’re ready for you!

Ready, Set, Let’s Straighten Your Smile!

Once everyone is onboard regarding your custom treatment plan and you feel confident you understand how to proceed, we will schedule in the big day – that is, when you finally get your brand-new braces on.

From your initial consultation through to the unveiling of your beautiful smile, Wonder West Orthodontics will work hard to ensure you have the best-possible braces experience. Get to know us and our dedication to excellence today booking your first orthodontic appointment, so you can get straight teeth sooner.