Traditional metal braces are considered one of the most common types of braces. They have come a long way in recent years and are more comfortable than ever before. Teeth are straightened with the help of archwire sand brackets. These braces are made up of high-grade stainless steel archwires and metal brackets that are applied directly to your teeth using a durable adhesive.

Advantages of Traditional Metal Braces

More Precise Orthodontic Treatment

Traditional metal braces are a great option for extreme cases of overcrowded teeth and allow orthodontists to make small and strategic adjustments over time – leading to successful orthodontic treatments and a more confident smile for even the most severe cases.

Now More Visually Appealing

Today, tradDental braces in London, ON – Wonder West Orthodontics itional braces are much smaller and more visually appealing than they were in the past. They also allow users to choose colourful elastics to add personality and colour to their braces.

No Need to Keep Track of Aligners

While clear aligners are a great option for orthodontic treatment, they do require a great deal of maintenance. With traditional metal braces, you don’t need to worry about misplacing your aligner.

Proper Care and Maintenance of Traditional Metal Braces

If you are considering traditional metal braces, there are a few things to keep in mind to maintain great oral hygiene and avoiding damage while wearing your metal braces:

  1. Brush and floss regularly:

    It’s imperative to do so while wearing metal braces to avoid buildup of bacteria on your teeth and brackets. Be sure to follow a braces-safe procedure of flossing and brushing recommended by your orthodontist.

  2. Avoid foods that are unfriendly to braces:

    Avoid sticky, chewy, and hard foods if possible. Talk to the team at Wonder West Orthodontics to find out about braces-safe foods and which foods to avoid.

  3. Visit your orthodontist regularly and keep up with your scheduled appointments:

    Regularly scheduled appointments are important for maintaining traditional metal braces and the success of the treatment. You can avoid prolonged wearing of your braces if you keep up with appointments to your orthodontist.

How do Metal Braces Work?

Traditional metal braces work by applying constant pressure to your teeth for an extended period of time. This process slowly shifts your teeth into the proper alignment. The ongoing pressure is applied by a stainless-steel archwire held in place by metal brackets. Overtime as your teeth move, your bone will begin to change shape improving alignment for the perfect bite.

The Components of Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional braces are composed of 4 separate components that work together to straighten teeth for a confident smile. Each component plays an important:

  1. Metal Brackets:

    Brackets allow your orthodontist to attach the archwire to your teeth and are designed to encourage teeth to move in the correct direction

  2. Archwire:

    A wire that guides your teeth into alignment. As your orthodontic treatments progress the wire will increase in strength from light to heavy.

  3. Elastic Ligature:

    An elastic that keeps the bracket attached to the archwire. These get replaced each time your metal braces are tightened.

  4. Bonding Material:

    The adhesive or metal band that sticks the brackets to your teeth.

Conditions Treated by Traditional Braces

Financing Options for Braces -Wonder West Orthodontics in London ONMetal braces are more versatile than ceramic braces or Invisalign orthodontic treatments due to their mobility. This feature allows traditional metal braces to be suitable for most patients. If you have any of the following orthodontic conditions, you may be a candidate for metal braces:

  • Teeth crowding
  • Protrusion of front teeth
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Crooked tooth alignment
  • Gaps between teeth

To learn more about the different types of braces available and to find out if traditional metal braces are right for you, contact the friendly team at Wonder West Orthodontics today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Metal braces are completely safe and are an effective treatment for kids, teenagers, and adults. If you are concerned about allergic reactions, speak with the orthodontists at Foley Wilde and they can answer any questions you may have.

Metal braces are made of different kinds of metal that are then combined into a mixture called an alloy. All metal braces are designed to be corrosion resistant and to not cause inflammation or irritation to your mouth, gums, and lips.

This depends on the individual and multiple factors. Orthodontists consider the severity of the treatment needed, the age of the individual, and the person’s discipline with their orthodontic treatment. The orthodontists at Foley Wilde will be able to answer your questions and help you determine if metal braces are right for you.

The length of time depends on the severity of the orthodontic problem. The length of time it takes for braces to straighten teeth averages between 6 months to 2 years. The length of time required for your treatment will be discussed during your appointments with your orthodontist.

This is dependent on the individual as treatment plans vary. On average, it can range from 6-8 months. Once you are prescribed elastic wear, it is important for you to wear elastics 24-hours a day unless otherwise instructed. The only times you should remove your elastics is to brush, eat, or replace old ones. You should replace your elastics at least once a day so that they don’t lose their elasticity.

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