What is a Forsus Appliance?

A Forsus appliance is an aid to braces that orthodontists use in conjunction with braces to correct an overbite. This corrects the top teeth from protruding out much farther than the bottom teeth. Forsus springs push the top teeth back and the bottom teeth forward at the same time. A spring is attached to the upper teeth on a back molar and a force rod is attached to the lower teeth near the canines or eyeteeth. The force rod telescopes inside of the spring when the mouth is opened and closed. 

What Are Forsus Springs Used to Treat?

Forsus Springs are used to treat overbites, especially in children. They would take the place of rubber bands on traditional braces and are used for patients that do not do well wearing rubber bands. The Forsus springs are a permanent solution that doesn’t break or come apart as easily as orthodontic elastics can. 

Patients that have a particularly large overbite can benefit from this appliance as dental elastics may not correct a large overbite. Patients that would otherwise need headgear or to have permanent teeth removed can correct an overbite with this appliance. 

How Long Do I Need to Wear My Forsus Springs?

The time needed to correct an overbite like this depends on the age of the patient and the severity of the overbite itself. Most patients will need to wear Forsus Springs for somewhere between 4 and 6 months. However, your orthodontist can cover this with you on your consultation appointment, so you know what to expect.

The process of Forsus appliances usually involves wearing braces for about a year to close in the gaps and spaces in between your teeth first. Then the springs are installed to start the overbite correction and you will have checkup appointments about once every 6 weeks. When the overbite is corrected, the springs are removed.

How Do I Eat with My Forsus Springs?

Your appliance accommodates normal eating, drinking, and speaking. It’s advisable to eat smaller bites of food and avoid sticky and hard foods so as not to break your springs. You should try not to open your mouth very wide while wearing the springs. Opening your mouth too wide can loosen molar bands and you will need to return to the orthodontist to get it repaired.

How Do I Clean My Forsus Springs?

Cleaning your Forsus Springs is quite easy. You should brush your teeth after you eat and brush the springs as well. You need to use dental floss on the teeth that the oral appliance is connected to clean around those teeth. Finally, you can use a Waterpik to clean thoroughly around your Forsus springs.

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